A Solution to the Scarborough Impasse: The Scarborough Wye

Although the main purpose of this report is to review the work done by Metrolinx, and point out some overlooked opportunities to improve net benefits for the proposed schemes, we would like to present one new idea to the ongoing debate of how best to provide improved transit to Scarborough.

We believe that the Scarborough RT and Sheppard Subway could be linked together into a single system using ALRT technology. With automated operation, this line could offer faster and more frequent services at a substantially lower cost and attract more new transit riders. With an entirely grade-separated right of way, ALRT will not compete for road space with cars. In effect, the Sheppard Subway would be extended to Scarborough Centre and Markham Road, with service also to Kennedy/Eglinton. The "Scarborough Wye" would feed directly into both the Yonge and Danforth subways, but also into a GO Regional Express Rail system at Kennedy and perhaps at a new station near Ellesmere and Midland.

Figure 23: Proposed Scarborough "Y." Red is existing Sheppard Subway; Orange is existing Scarborough RT; Blue is proposed elevated link. Magenta is planned extension to Malvern Centre. Automated trains could run every few minutes between all three terminals.