Planning the Next GGH

Planning the Next GGHPlanning the Next GGH analyses and maps the geography of employment and potential disruption across the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) region.The report shows that the extended region is in the midst of a dramatic shift where a more balanced pattern of urban and suburban employment growth has given way to the hyper-concentration of knowledge-based activities in and around downtown Toronto. This pattern (which compares change in...

Four Canadian Urban Regions

Rethinking Sprawl • Preliminary findings from the Neptis Foundation showing how four major Canadian cities have grown in the past 20 years indicate that while the populations of the Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and Toronto city-regions continue to expand, the rate at which new land is being urbanized at the edge has decreased over time – sometimes quite dramatically.





Revamped Neptis Geoweb mapping platform released * The Neptis Geoweb is a continually evolving interactive mapping and information platform about the Toronto area also known as the Greater Golden Horseshoe, Canada's largest and one of its fastest-growing city-regions. It was created by bringing together policy, administrative, and census data ...

The Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe in Historical Perspective • 2006 Growth Plan is contextualized‎ within the history of regional planning in Southern Ontario, answering the question which plans were influential in shaping the Places to Grow act.

The Tor-York East Megazone: A Profile • This Policy Brief defines and describes the Tor-York East megazone (TYE), one of three regionally, provincially, and nationally significant employment zones identified in the Neptis Foundation report Planning for Prosperity.



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