Toronto-Related Region Futures Study

This report is a sequel to the report Toronto-Related Region Futures Study: Implications of Business-As-Usual Development (2002) prepared by IBI Group and Dillon Consulting Limited on behalf of the Neptis Foundation. The earlier report describes a projected pattern of urban development and related transportation and water/wastewater infrastructure systems for the Toronto-Related Region to 2031, under "Business-As-Usual" (BAU) assumptions. The present report describes subsequent work, carried out on behalf of Neptis, to develop three alternative growth scenarios for the same area, based on alternative assumptions. The four development concepts (BAU plus the three alternatives) are compared in terms of patterns of urban growth, amount of newly urbanized land, and infrastructure costs and performance, based on projected conditions in 2031 under each of the four sets of assumptions. The four development concepts are designated as follows:

  1. Business-As-Usual
  2. Consolidated
  3. Multi-Centred
  4. Dispersed