Employment Change


Between 2001 and 2011, the Airport Megazone added 22,550 jobs, of which more than 10,000 were in "core" employment.

However, as elsewhere in the region, the net growth numbers mask change and transition in the megazone. The manufacturing, construction, and utilities sector lost almost 18,000 jobs - primarily in manufacturing, which experienced a loss of more than 19,000 jobs during the period. This loss was offset by growth in other industries, including 20,725 jobs in finance and business services. Other sectors that saw substantial growth include warehousing and transportation (4,175 jobs), and voluntary and government (3,115 jobs).

But the AMZ is unusual in that it experienced net growth in core jobs during the period - while the GGH as a whole experienced a net loss. Moreover, about 10,000 population-related jobs were added to the zone. (See Table 3 in the Appendix.)