A5. Wastewater: Municipal Sources

1. Annual Performance Reports for Wastewater Treatment Plants


Requirements stipulated in the Environmental Compliance Approval for each plant

Applies to

All wastewater treatment plants

Prepared by

Owner/operator of WWTP

Submitted to/publication requirements

MOECC District Manager

May be posted online (optional).

Due date/ frequency

Submitted annually "within 90 days following the end of the period being reported upon" (usually the calendar year).

Minimum data requirements

  • Summary and interpretation of all monitoring data and a comparison to the effluent limits outlined in [the ECA], including an overview of the success and adequacy of the works;
  • Description of any operating problems encountered and corrective actions taken;
  • Summary of all maintenance carried out on any major structure, equipment, apparatus, mechanism or thing forming part of the works;
  • Results of regular monitoring and inventory of the oil systems pertaining to the sewage works, including follow-up actions/remedial measures undertaken when required;
  • Summary of any effluent quality assurance or control measures undertaken in the reporting period;
  • Summary of the calibration and maintenance carried out on all effluent monitoring equipment.

May also include

Population served, capacity, description, and classification of plant.

Issues/ drawbacks

Not required to be posted online.