5.2.2 Provincial Data Sources

  • STP_Sewage Treatment Plant (MMA): This geodatabase, provided to the Neptis Foundation by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, contains information from 2005-2006, including plant location and type (tertiary, secondary, or lagoon), but not capacity.
  • Environmental Compliance Approvals (MOECC): ECAs are required for all wastewater systems, both municipal and privately owned. The Province maintains an online database of ECAs, in the form of PDFs linked to a map.
  • Ontario Wastewater Inventory (MOECC): This database tracks effluent quality data from approximately 500 municipal wastewater treatment plants under Environmental Compliance Approval regulations. The data are under review for release under the province's open data catalogue.
  • Drinking Water Information System (MOECC): This database contains information on municipal wastewater and is maintained by the Drinking Water Programs Branch, which profiles drinking water systems across Ontario. It contains profile information that can be linked to other databases, but does not include flow data.