Neptis report on evolving regional economy featured on The Agenda on TVO

A Neptis Foundation report Planning for Prosperity which documents the current and evolving economic geography of the Toronto region was the subject of a recent panel discussion on TVO's flagship show The Agenda.

On hand to discuss the report with host Steve Paikin was author Pamela Blais, Neptis Foundation Executive Director Marcy Burchfield and Jan De Silva, President and CEO of the Toronto Region Board of Trade.

The panel discussion focused on the questions raised by the report about whether Ontario's Growth Plan is in a position to respond to the ongoing dramatic structural changes to the Toronto region brought about by globalization.

The Neptis report documents not just how or why the Toronto region has lost 200,000 jobs over a decade but "where" these jobs have been lost.

It identifies areas of widespread loss of jobs and a few concentrated areas of growth as the economic landscape changes as part of a restructuring regional economy, and long-term transition to a knowledge-based economy.

Beyond Downtown Toronto, the concentrated areas of employment identified in the report include 3 multi-jurisdictional suburban megazones and Suburban Knowledge Intensive Districts (SKIDs) that are ill served by transit and contribute to congestion through almost 1 million auto work trips daily.

The full report can be found here.